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Our Thame clinic offers state of the art facilities and expertise to help people with the pressures of a demanding lifestyle. Here you can learn more about our treatments, therapists, facilities and, should you wish to, book them online.

Hydrotherm 3 Dimensional Massage

At Massage Matters we use Hydrotherm, the world's first
3-Dimensional massage system.


  • Warm and fully supportive
  • Perfect spinal alignment
  • No more uncomfortable face holes
  • No need to turn over
  • No cricked neck
  • Profoundly relaxing and beneficial treatment

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Google Reviews

I first visited Massage Matters for a treatment with John after dislocating my shoulder in a snowboarding accident, I’d been in pain for weeks and the help from my frustrated GP hadn’t achieved anything. The difference after just one treatment at Massage Matters was incredible. I was nervous before my first visit, but John’s knowledge and the warm welcome from the team made the whole experience really enjoyable. Now, I’m a keen marathon runner, I teach pole-dancing in the evenings, and also regularly spend the day hunched over a desk or carrying around my young Son. I regularly see John to help put me back together again, and I don’t know what I’d do without these regular treatments! If you’re looking for pain relief or relaxation, John and his team at Massage Matters is the place to more
Emma Lowndes
Emma Lowndes
10:54 26 Apr 18
I have had severe ongoing pelvic pain since the birth of my daughter 10 months ago. John has been so helpful, his massages are fantastic and his wealth of knowledge is amazing. If you are after a massage for whatever reason, this place is the only place I would recommend!read more
Lucinda Meddes
Lucinda Meddes
15:48 31 Mar 18
I have a chronic pain condition and have been to a lot of massage therapists since diagnosis a few years ago. I can honestly say that Massage Matters (in particular John) has really helped me the most consistently. He is very knowledgeable (he has lots of experience, expertise and techniques) and is passionate about the benefits of massage. I personally wont be going anywhere else again! I really recommend you try more
Tanya B
Tanya B
09:31 16 Mar 18
I started visiting Massage matters after joining the gym below them - after taking a new office job I decided to start taking my fitness more seriously and drastically upped my exercise schedule per week - I did find this results in some tight/stiff muscles and so now I see Tom once a month roughly for an hour and he is absolutely fantastic. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable and talks you through everything he is doing. He is also very professional and accommodating. Since seeing him I feel I am able to do more at the gym and I certainly don't end up as stiff and tight as I was previously. Overall the service is fantastic and everyone is very friendly too - I would recommend to everyone!read more
Hannah Harvey
Hannah Harvey
10:04 01 Mar 18
I went for a massage with Mark while 39.5 weeks pregnant. The massage was extremely relaxing and Mark did an excellent job of alleviating all my pregnancy-related back aches and pains. I was positioned on my back on the heated water beds (wonderful!) in a slightly reclined position with my knees over a big pad - this was very comfortable for this stage of pregnancy. I was covered in a large towel throughout the massage. The heated water beds gave the sensation of being immersed in a warm bath, while my back was massaged from underneath. I had my feet treated with two different machines which stimulated blood flow - the end result was a lovely tingling sensation in my feet and legs. Mark was very professional and knowledgeable about anatomy changes in pregnancy. Would highly recommend for a unique pregnancy massage experience!read more
Katie Anderson
Katie Anderson
16:37 22 Feb 18

You can choose the time you would like and the pressure you require.

      - Our treatments are available to you in 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions
      - You can choose light, medium or firm pressure for any treatment

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